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Australia Visa Terms and Conditions

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Australia ETA Visa Terms and Conditions

Please review our terms and conditions prior to applying for your Australian Visa:

  • By applying through this website, you agree that you do not have any criminal convictions where you have been sentenced to at least 12 months of jail, regardless of whether or not you served that time.
  • No refunds can be granted on any

    ETA visa application

    , regardless of non-acceptance or an existing visa. All Sales are final.
  • The information you enter into the

    Australian Visa Authority website

    is treated in confidence and will not be distributed or sold under any circumstances. By entering personal information into this website you authorize to use and hold this information for the purpose of applying for an Electronic Travel Authority to Australia.
  • Delays and Referrals – Some ETA visa applications will be ‘referred’ to the Australian Authorities. In most cases, there is an additional period of wait for referred ETA applications. If your ETA visa application is referred, you may or may not be required to provide additional personal details to the Department of Immigration.
  • Referrals and Refusals – This website only processes

    Australia ETA applications

    ; we do not and will not offer advice on how to proceed or what to do in the event your ETA visa application is referred or refused. The fee paid includes processing of the

    ETA visa

    only and does not include any appeals or additional services. The cost of the ETA application is non-refundable and should your application be refused, you will not be issued a refund.
  • We only provide full refund if your application is not processed by us within the requested time frame and we receive request via email to stop further processing. However, in the event when your visa is processed through our website and an existing ETA is established, fee will be non-refundable and it will be used for recovering the use of our system resources.
If you have any questions about this Terms and Conditions please contact customer care by email at