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Australia ETA Visa Rejected Malaysia

Australian ETA not Approved

In the context of Australia ETA Visa application, one’s application may be rejected by specific authority concerned with different cases. For this regard, over the internet, some Australia ETA application cannot be approved by Australian Government because of required checking. In case of not approving the application of an ETA through online or travel agent, it will require to provide the necessary information through email. In this respect, it is also remarkable that one’s should refrain from informing the High Commission personally.

Can One get an Australia ETA Visa after ones an Application rejected?

In this context, we would like to inform you that after the refusal of an application for Australia ETA Visa, it will be a less chance to get an Australia ETA Visa by Reapplying.

Important Information to Note

One who wants to get an Australia ETA visa should read or know how the following notes.

  • Within two weeks it needs to process the application for ETA Visa
  • Until granting a visa, it is being inform to the applicants not to make travel commitments. As you have arranged everything for travel and your application is being processed within the projected time, then you should communicate with the advisory agency for ensuring to rearrange your bookings.
  • After having your application in the processing time, the travel agent cannot ensure the processing updates because of the number of enquiries received by the authorities.
  • Without pressed or emergency causes (the pre-arranged travel is not under this causes and the authority is uninterested to respond to the call of these requests), the authority cannot escalate the cases.
  • On default of the application the applicant needs to apply again by addressing the issue in the decision letter.

Requirements for Australia ETA Application

An applicant needs to provide required information for lodging an application. These are:

  • Additional Information Request Form for a completed ETA (if necessary, download from here); and
  • C.V page with a copy of the ETA applicant’s passport (the curriculum vitae page with the passport holder’s details and photo) and a passport observation page; and
  • A screenshot copies of the ETA certified screen (if available); and
  • Additional supporting documents (see below)
    • Inform the required information through email to
    • Email might not exceed 5MB (messages will be rejected by email servers if it exceeds size limits).
    • Let send one email per application

If anyone send multiple emails it may delay the application process. Adding the passport number in the subject line helps decision makers considers all information.

Additional Supporting Documents

For ensuring the message that you have actually intended to visit Australia for the purpose of tourism and business, the department like travel agents let you ensure to provide additional information for determining. For assessing your information, you must ensure providing a decision maker with the required information about yourself. The information involves information as to your personal details and intended travel issues.

You let to provide:

  • A clear statement and a schedule of events relating to your intended duration of staying in Australia. You are requested to keep evidence of any arrangements made (if any).
  • A complete list of your immediate family members (referring full names and dates of birth), referring the name of the members of your family you have intended to travel (with you).
  • Beside the family members provide the details of the other travelling members who are accompanying you. You are requested to add their full name with date of birth.
  • Confirm the address of all family members, friends, well-wisher and contact in Australia including the full name and date of birth. Let indicate if they are the citizens of Australia or the permanent residents. Otherwise, refer the status of visa and the reason behind staying in Australia.
  • Employment/commitments’ evidence. This involves:
    • Employer’s annual salary statement indicating approving the leave for your intended travel to Australia, or
    • A record or document relating to business registration or financial issues indicating you and/or your sponsor are self-employed (it may be bank statement), or
    • Statement of other evidence relating to the incentives to return including education or other commitments with the home country.

    In case of unemployment, you are requested to provide other evidence regarding financial capacity or evidence that you are assisted by somebody (referring evidence of your relationship with the specific person).

  • Bank statement with previous two months’ banking transactions. You are highly requested to provide all bank accounts; it might be of you or your sponsor hold. Upload your complete e-mail application to

It will delay if the applications do not include the above materials, or everything will be decided on the available materials provided.

After a decision is made on the ETA application, you will be notified as soon as possible. You have to keep in mind that the application processing times are two weeks almost. Therefore, one should be careful during the Australia ETA visa application because of ones rejecting application will create a such uncertainty that one will not get another Australia ETA Visa by making reapplication.

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