Australia working holiday visa for Malaysia 2018

Australia working holiday visa for Malaysia 2018

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Do you need a visa for Australia with a Malaysia passport?

While there are more than a few requirements and regulations set in place for the varying travel visa types there are exceptions that can be made for those seeking entry into the country under special circumstances; barring, of course, all requirements are meant. One such circumstance is entry into the country for work holiday purposes. Here there are a limited amount of application slots open at a given time. For those citizens blessed to fill one of the available australia eta malaysia slots there are a few things that will be needed when preparing your travel arrangements. Preparation includes filling out the application form out, paying the visa fee, and gathering the appropriate documentation.

Overall, all other guidelines and requirements mandated by the governing laws still must be meant aside from the initial stipulations and requirements needed for the work/holiday visa application. This, of course, applies to medical examinations whereby a panel doctor passes a report of the applicant as to what the health status is; doctor passes all reports to the visa office. Furthermore, getting a medical exam doesn’t need to occur prior to the submission of a application. Instead, the medical exam is simply a part of the overall process and, as a result, a case worker who is assigned to an individual’s case will aid in proceeding as required.